Protect Your Legacy
Though there have been improvements in our country over the last few years, disabled people and their families confront isolation and exclusion and remain on the fringes of society. Multiple barriers hinder their amalgamation into the mainstream. From architectural and technological to financial, obstacles of all kinds restrict their integration. The trouble continues till inheritance. Please do read the full article ..its an eye opener.
A will is a written document that speaks for you after you die. It can communicate how you want your property and assets to be distributed; name a guardian for your children if you pass away before they reach adulthood; and leave specific instructions like arrangements for your funeral, organ donation, forgive debts and a lot more. Having a Will gives you the comfort of knowing that the rewards of your life's work will be distributed and managed according to your wishes.
In our initiative towards creating awareness about the importance of making a will, we found that over 80% of the cases pending in various courts across India are related to property disputes , succession matters , inheritance and probate executions. These cases sometimes outgrow the age of the people fighting the cases. Such situations can be avoided if each one takes a responsible decision to systematically assign his/her properties. This can only be done through a valid will.